About us
The minds behind Aurelian have more than 20 years of experience in the language industry and international business, with many success stories, awards and unforgettable moments with great people.
Aurelian is represented in Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, UK) and also in Asia (China).

Aurelian is providing services in the language industry, helping companies to grow and reach new markets with a strong internal structure and pro-active external communication. By pooling skills from many different areas of business and marketing we are able to offer a wide range of services.

"Our mission is to improve global communication for an efficient international and multilingual business environment. We are a collaborative community, driven by our mission and our commitment to excellence as we strive to meet and exceed the highest professional standards. To ensure we're able to bring our best to clients and colleagues, we promote a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives."  
Gabriel Nagy
English, German, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak
Gabriel is a veteran of the language industry with 20 years of experience in the translation business. Coming from the heart of Europe where many different cultures meet and speaking eight languages, it was an easy decision to start a career in linguistics. Having worked with industry giants like Thebigword or SimulTrans, he acquired a deep understanding of what makes a successful company go forward. With a keen interest in Asian cultures he specialized in the Asian market and started cooperating closely with language service providers such as; Asian Absolute and 1-StopAsia, contributing his knowledge of European languages. He is also the co-founder and managing director of Aurelian which was established in 2014 in Europe, most recently opening a branch in China.
Claudia Bao
English, Chinese
Claudia is a professional with 11 years of international business experience. During the past 7 years Claudia has been gaining translation and localization knowledge in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Having studied languages and living abroad for years she became familiar with Western business ways and mindset. This helps her to understand the differences between the European/US and Asian translation markets. She built her strong skillset in vendor management, project management, QA and company representation while cooperating with Asian Absolute (UK company) and 1-StopAsia (US company), well known language service providers for Asian languages.
With thousands of contacts and great networking skills she is always connected with linguists, project managers and business owners to coordinate their efforts to meet and collaborate. A dedicated coach for vendor managers and quality assurance managers (linguistic and DTP QA) she always brings a ton of experience to the table.
She co-founded Aurelian that was established in 2014 in Europe and is the managing director of the Asian operations HQ in China.